15 Reasons to Hire Corbett Construction:

  1. Free Budget and Schedule Projection Services: We offer free budget and schedule projects to anyone contemplating commercial renovations and build-outs. There is no obligation for these services.
  2. Design Build Services: We have an in-house architect and offer design build services in addition to general contracting. Offering one-stop shopping provides you with a seamless and smooth construction experience.
  3. Value Engineering: We offer value engineering on every project — even if the project comes in under budget. It is our obligation to find any potential cost savings and pass it along to you.
  4. LEED Certified/Educated Estimators and Project Managers: We have several employees that are LEED certified. Our staff continue to educate themselves of the latest trade techniques and materials and are environmental conscientious.
  5. Seasoned Construction Professionals: We have been in business over forty years and have seasoned project managers with many years of progressive experience. They know how things are built both in the field and in the trade shop. This valuable information helps us bring to the table less expensive
    ways to fabricate many items on each project. Our seasoned superintendants are the best in the area and keep the projects rolling. Their knowledge and experience enables them to focus on completing the projects without making costly mistakes.
  6. Understanding Goals: We become aware of and fully understand the owner/architect team expectations and immediately communicate these to our subcontractors and suppliers. Our ability to understand your expectations; adapt to your changes and adhere to our commitment sets us apart from our competition.
  7. Open Communication: We are effective communicators throughout the entire process. We always communicate relevant information relating to the project schedule, long-lead items, coordination and field conditions. We have implemented a Project Management Program to help information flow as well as to track materials, submittals and cost proposals. We hold weekly project meetings with all parties involved on the owner/tenant side as well as hold weekly subcontractor meetings.
  8. Responsiveness: Every member of our project team is available via office phone, cell phone and email. We take pride in our reputation of responsiveness.
  9. Collaboration: We work as a “team member” with all parties involved. We want your participation and make every effort to involve all members of the project team in discussions and decisions relevant to the project. Let’s face it– every project will have challenges. The true test of a general contractor is to recognize challenges and resolve problems. We are effective problem solvers!
  10. Integrity: We are honest and fair in all efforts. For example, we never accept and agree to a subcontractor proposal without fully investigating the scope of work and associated cost to ensure the proposed cost is fair. Our integrity and open-book accounting system are truly unique in the construction industry today.
  11. Subcontractor Requirements: We provide our subcontractors with a scope sheet during the bid process to eliminate omissions. We require that all of our subcontractors submit pricing per plans and specifications indicating unit pricing and inclusions. In addition, we ask our subcontractors to submit a “bid deviation” form to encourage them to look into alternative specifications or ideas.
  12. Subcontractor Relationships: We have been in the business 40 years and have built many long-standing relationships with local subcontractors. We know their strengths and weaknesses and thus make sound decisions during the bid process. We treat our subcontractors fairly and pay them timely.
  13. Safety Program Implementation: Safety First. It is the policy of Corbett Construction that accident prevention shall be considered of primary importance in all phases of operation and administration. It is the intention of Corbett Construction management to provide safe and healthy working conditions and to establish and insist upon safe practices at all time by all employees. Rules and Regulations: Rules and regulations are enforced to minimize noise and smell and increase security. Safety Signage: We provide professional signage to warn tenants of potential construction issues. CPR Certification: Offering CPR certification classes paid off as one of our superintendants recently saved the life of a subcontractor who experienced heart failure at the job site!
  14. Competitive Price: We complete a detailed in-house budget while the project is being priced by the subcontractors. This effort ensures that we obtain and pass along a fair price for each product/service.
  15. Satisfied Clients: We have several clients that have hired us time and time again to work on several different projects. The next page illustrates a small sample of our clients that hired us for one project which culminated into many projects over the years. Having every client satisfied is our number one goal!

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